Married in Japan: How to Get Marriage Certificate Faster

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We successfully got married in Japan!

Now the next step is getting our Marriage Certificate from Philippine Statistics Authority (previously known as NSO).

This document is very important in your future travels to Japan. It makes it easier in getting another Tourist Visa.

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What happens after you report your marriage at the Consulate?

After you report your marriage at the Philippine Embassy in Japan, they will send* your Report of Marriage Certificate (ROM) to the Consular Records Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)- Manila. In turn, it will be DFA-Manila who will forward this copy to Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)**.

  • *The regular schedule of transmission of civil registry documents, i.e. birth, marriage, and death certificates, from the Philippine Embassies/Consular Offices and DFA Manila to PSA, is quarterly, though the schedule may be changed as appropriate from the office of origin.
  • **You may request for the birth, marriage or death certificate, 2 months after the record is received by the PSA.

When can you get your Marriage Certificate after reporting your Marriage in Japan?

The whole process of sending your documents from Japan to DFA-Manila and then to PSA usually takes about 6 months to 1 year, according to one of the staff at the Phil. Embassy.

Without any follow-up, you’d have to wait that long before you can get your Marriage Certificate from any PSA office.


How to get the Marriage Certificate faster?

We were able to get our Marriage Certificate after 5 months.

Here’s what we did.

1. We e-mailed the Civil Registration Section of the Tokyo Phil. Embassy:

-In the email, we mentioned we wanted to get our ROM (marriage cert.) from PSA as soon as possible.

-We provided both our Full Names (maiden name for wife) , Date of Birth, Date of Marriage, and Date of Registration.

~The Civil Registration Section replied and provided us with a DISPATCH NUMBER of our ROM. They then instructed us to coordinate with DFA-manila using this dispatch number.

2. Next, we e-mailed the Consular Records Division of DFA-Manila:

-We informed them in the email that we wanted to get our ROM asap and provided the Dispatch number that we got from the Phil. Embassy.

-Again, we provided both our Full Names (maiden name for wife) , Date of Birth, Date of Marriage, and Date of Registration.

        ~DFA-Manila should reply with your ROM’s

    1. Reference No.
    2. Dispatch No.
    3. Transmital date

3. Went to PSA office (in Colon street, Cebu)

-We first approached the last window at the office (window 11) and showed them the printed e-mail from DFA-Manila with our Dispatch no., Reference no., and Transmital/Dispatch date.

-When they confirmed that we can get it, we proceeded in filling up the PINK form for Requesting a marriage certificate; got a priority number; and paid at the cashier.

~The cashier will get the printed e-mail from DFA together with the pink form

4. Successfully obtained our Marriage Certificate!



*Married in June 2018 and got the Marriage Certificate on November 2018.

You can probably can get it sooner than 5 months. In our case, I waited 3 months before trying at the PSA office. When I couldn’t get it at that time, It was then that I e-mailed the following offices. But it was a month after before I could go to PSA office because of personal reasons. That’s why it took 5 months total.

I hope this helps you!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment.

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