How to Get Married in Japan: Filipino-Japanese couple

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If you are a Philippine passport holder who wants to get married in Japan with a Japanese passport holder, then I hope this can help you.

After doing some research, I decided that it would be easier if my Japanese Fiance and I would just get married in Japan. I basically just wanted to avoid 2 things:

  1. the long time it usually takes just to get or process any paper work here the Philippines and
  2. having to pay unnecessary fees.

Fortunately, we successfully got married on June 2018 in Japan.

It took about 5 weeks to get everything done. And using a 30 days Tourist Visa was fine.

Whatever reason you may have to want to get married in the land of the rising sun, all I can tell you is that it is certainly doable.

To get married in Japan, I have broken down the whole process into 3 steps.

  1. Get your Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage certification (LCCM) from the Philippine Embassy
  2. Get Married
  3. Report your Marriage back to the Philippine Embassy

Looks easy right? Well it is, you just need to be prepared with ALL of  your documents.

How To Get Married in Japan

Step I: Get an LCCM certificate

LCCM stands for Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage. When you get this document, you will also be receiving an Affidavit of Civil Status. You need both these documents to prove that you are eligible to get married to a foreign national.

You can get this document from 5 places in Japan.

  • the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo or;
  • the Philippine Consulate offices in Osaka-Kobe, Sapporo, Nagoya, or Okinawa.

*We were staying in Saitama, so our nearest option was the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo.

*Please note that the Phil. Embassy in Tokyo closes at 3 p.m.

My Requirements as a Single Filipino:

  1. Duly accomplished LCCM application form
  2. Valid passport – Original and one (1) copy
  3. Residence Card or Visa in Japan (Tourist Visa is ok) – Original and one (1) copy
  4. PSA issued Birth Certificate – Original and one (1) copy
  5. DFA authenticated (Red ribbon) PSA issued Birth Certificate – Original and one (1) copy
  6. PSA issued Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) – Original and one (1) copy
  7. DFA authenticated (Red ribbon) PSA issued Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) – Original and one (1) copy
  8. Three (3) passport-sized photos

*Please note that there are Additional Requirements for Single Filipinos between 18-25 years old; a Divorced Filipino; a Filipino whose former marriage was Annulled in the Philippines; and a Widowed Filipino. Please check the Tokyo embassy website for more info:

Requirements for the Japanese Fiancé:

  1. Family Registry (Koseki Tohon), must be valid for three (3) months – Original and one (1) copy
  2. Kaisei Gen Koseki or Joseki Tohon – If the koseki tohon does not indicate previous record of marriage, divorce and death of former spouse
  3. Valid Passport or any valid ID with picture – Original and one (1) copy
  4. Three (3) Passport-sized photos
  5. Letter pack plus (red) (if you wish your documents to be mailed through the Post Office)


What to do in the Embassy:

  1. Get the LCCM application form from the guard at the entrance. Ask also which window you need to go to.
    *You can download the form from the embassy website:
  2. Fill up the form complete with both your pictures. Ready all your documents together.
  3. Go the appropriate window and pass your application form with your documents.
  4. They will give you an invoice.
  5. Pay at the cashier. ( 9,750 yen)
  6. Go back to the first window to show your receipt.
  7. Make sure you label your Letter Pack Plus. We put in my fiance’s address. Wait for additional instructions, if there’s any.


  1. The Tokyo Philippine Embassy Consular Service is open from Monday – Friday at 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
  2. Processed documents may either be picked up at the Embassy or mailed through the Post Office
  3. The Embassy may require additional documents if deemed necessary
  4. Applicable fees depend on each particular case.
  5. Processing period is 10 working days.

*Our documents arrived exactly after 10 business working days through the post.


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